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Homee launcher - cuter/kawaii

Live Wallpaper Personalization

============================Important Announcement
End of Service Announcement for Homee
Thank you for using Homee.
We regret to announce that we will end the distribution of Homee at 2016-03-31 (Japan time).As a result, there will be no updates or support provided for the app after this time, and we request that you uninstall this app from your devices.We apologize for this inconvenience.
All of us staff members express our gratitude to our users.Thank you for using Homee.

Homee administration office
This is the definitive wallpaper and icon changeover app!
★ Change over to a cute clock and icons that match the wallpaper! ★ Transform your smartphone easily! You can even changeover every day ♪★ You are sure to find wallpapers and icons that you like! There are tons of cute/kawaii and free changeover themes!
+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.
There is a great selection of free and cute changeover themes! Make your smartphone cute/kawaii and stylish easily!
Free Wallpaper and Icon Changeover ★ Homee launcher is a hugely popular changeover app ♪There are loads of changeover themes that let you use cute wallpapers and icons as a set!
There are many free themes so everyone can have fun changing over ♪
The theme store is here ♪ ⇒
+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.
Homee launcher is full of features! It also has heaps of useful functionality ♪
★ Completely change your home screen! Have fun coordinating wallpapers and icons for a full changeover ♪★ This app even lets you change the clock, icons, search widget, and lock screen to match the wallpaper ♪★ There are many free, cute wallpaper and icon sets! New themes are added each week! ★ There is a wide selection of popular looks, from fashionable and beautiful wallpapers to girly and cute wallpapers! You will not be disappointed! ♥★ These are not just cute. After the changeover, they work very well and are easy to use.◎
[Operated by] Yahoo! JAPAN You might also enjoy “DECOPIC,” the No.1 app used by over 15 million people, its sister app “Petapic,” and “PETATTO CALENDAR,” a schedule app that provides decorations to make a girl’s everyday even cuter.
The operating company for Homee launcher has changed from Community Factory Inc. to Yahoo Japan Corporation on Jan 5, 2015.Please rest assured that you will continue to be able to enjoy the functions we offer, even after this change.